Tuesday, November 24, 2009

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So, it's been awhile since I updated on the actual mission of this blog. There have been some exciting new developments on the Operation: Double Brothers front over the past few months. There is good and bad news. First, the good: PENO is no more. Chris and PENO have broken up. Chris finally came to her senses and realized that Jon was NOT a Nye let alone my brother. This, obviously, is a great coup for Double Brothers (not that we had anything to do with engineering the breakup...). Now that Jon is no longer PENO, ODB would like to take this opportunity to wish him all the best. A new PENO has yet to be identified but I plan on doing some reconnaissance work over the holidays to identify targets that may need to be eliminated in order for Operation: Double Brothers to be successful.

Now, on to the bad: Daniel had a chance to marry Chris and did not prove himself up to the task. Last week, the family was gathered in Louisville, KY to mourn the passing of Roy E. (Kate and Chris' grandfather). In preparation for the funeral and visitation, family members were gathering pictures to display. The pictures that were selected were mostly of Roy at different phases of his life. However, one side was reserved for family. There quickly appeared to be a trend of including wedding pictures. Chris quickly realized that she, being a spinster and therefore of no worth to society, could not be included. Wanting more than anything to make it onto this portion of the board, Chris texted Dan and offered to marry him the following morning if he came down to Louisville so that she would not be excluded from this prestigious honor. Dan, citing some bullshit about not having a car, claimed he could not make it. Chris vowed that this was the last chance that she would give him but given Daniel's babyface and Chris' horseface, I think she'll soon realize that she's not going to do any better.

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